Electric Lighter

Electric Lighter

What Are The Benefits Of An Electric Lighter?

USB Lighter

🔌 USB Rechargeable

All of our electric lighters are 100% USB Rechargeable, this means as long as you have a USB port you can charge your electric lighter anywhere, at any time.

🏴 Full Windproof

All of our electric lighters are Full Windproof, this means even in the windiest conditions you can ignite your electric lighter.

🌲 Eco-Friendly/No Butane

All of our electric lighters are extremely Eco-Friendly, this is because they use electricity instead of harmful chemicals such as butane, as well as this they create less waste as you won’t have to keep buying new lighters and throwing them out.

⭐ Versatile

All of our lighters are very versatile, as they all can fit in your pocket, this means you can take your electric lighter anywhere without any issues of space.

🔒 Low Current/Extremely Safe

Our electric lighters generate a low current, this means you are less likely to get hurt by the electric beam than if you had a flame lighter.

🔥 Completely Flameless

Our lighters are 100% Flameless, this is because they generate electric arc beams instead of a flame, this means you cannot burn yourself as well as the electric lighter isn’t volatile like a flame lighter, it has pin point precision connected through two nodes.

💡 100’s Of Uses Per Charge

Our electric lighters have 100’s of uses per charge, with fast charging times. You will never have to worry about purchasing another lighter as you can keep recharging over and over again. This in turn will save you lots of money and time.

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What are the uses for the electric lighter?

usb Lighter

🚬 Smoking Cigarette/Cigars

The Electric Lighter is extremely useful in lighting any cigarette/cigar, as it produces over 900 degrees of heat, meaning it can ignite pretty much anything.


🕯️ Lighting Candles

Our Electric Lighters are the perfect tool to lighting candles, not only are the perfect size, but they make it extremely effortless. Head over to our Orupul Slim lighters, these are specific for candles.


🔥 Outdoor Uses

Electric lighters have numerous outdoor uses, this includes; lighting stoves, igniting fires, burning objects and much more.

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How Does the Electric Lighter Work?

A Electric Lighter works by a high voltage electric current that flows between two nodes producing an arc of highly charged plasma. This plasma then creates heat, this in turn lights the electric lighter.

Electric lighters have very low currents, this is what makes them extremely safe.